Don't even try to convince me that the deer did not know what he was doing.

It was a six-point buck that head-butted the owner of a rural Minnesota fur company last week before trashing the shop’s warehouse, currently full of deer hides being tanned for hunters. (News82Times).

Every hunter on the planet would have liked to have a 6 pointer in their sights. I'd say you better not miss or he's coming after you.

The owner of Johnson Fur in rural Wilmar, Minnesota thinks the the buck was looking for a mate and the smell of the place drove him into the shop.

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I'm still going with the idea that the buck had seen just about enough and was out for revenge. Just calling it like I see it.

The buck head butted the owner, then ran to the office and trashed it. That right there tells me the buck knew exactly what he was doing.

When he was finally done, the buck ran out the back door. I think he was smart enough that he had planned his escape in advance. What do you think?

I understand the theory that the smell of females drew him in. But the more I see  animals attacking humans the more I think that they are getting smarter while we are getting dumber. Just looking at the way this shop was attacked tells me it was planned.

It's almost tourist season in Wyoming. You watch as the attacks on tourist are getting more creative and more intelligent.

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