Von Miller is a star player for a great team in the high profile National Football League. It’s a job that puts him in the glaring white hot spotlight of public interest, in everything you do, on and off the field. Past history has given many in the league an image of thugs and abusers. Johnny Manziel, Michael Vick, Ezekial Elliot, Colin Kaepernick, Aaron Hernandez have all felt the heat. Von has stayed clean, knowing his livelihood is at stake.

In a forum with Roger Goodell, Von compared his life to the life of “Spiderman.” Miller borrowed a famous quote from the movie to make his point.

"It's like Spiderman, 'With great power comes great responsibility.'"


"you can't really live double lives. What you are off the field you are on the field"


Smart and classy. I can root for a payer like that.

Little things get covered in the press, such as the coverage of his bodily functions at team meetings and getting fined for farting. The last time I wrote about Von Miller was about his hobby of chicken ranching.

We’ll be able to watch Von and the Denver Broncos NFL Preseason beginning on Thursday, August 10, 6:00 PM on NFLN from Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois.

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