We may not be alone. That’s the message from NASA, which says a new planet by the dorm room-sounding name of Kepler 22b has been discovered.Kepler 22b is reportedly a lot like Earth in that it orbits around a single star and may have water on its surface, indicating it may be the first planet with life on it ever discovered.

But did you know there are other similarities between the two? Here are some other features of Kepler 22b that are eerily similar to Earth:

1. Three women have come forward to say they had affairs with Herman Cain.

2. Scientists say there’s a small, but vocal, Occupy Wall Street movement that’s sprung up.

3. They sent a transmission asking E! to stop showing ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’

4. Donald Trump has already claimed the entire eastern half of the planet to build high-rise condos.

5. Brett Favre has announced that, if contacted, he would be more than willing to play for an expansion team based on Kepler-22b.

6. It’s way out in space, but holiday shopping is very popular. The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Hole Friday.

7. No one is quite sure why, but Lindsay Lohan is also on probation there.

8. One of its highest-rated TV shows is ‘CSI: Kepler 22b.’

9. No one there believes Al Gore invented the Internet, either.

10. People there are just as stunned as we were. Not that there are two similar planets. That Rosie O’Donnell is getting married again.

11. When plugging in your home address, your GPS will also send you off a cliff, as well.

12. People there are also clamoring for a summer tour featuring legendary R&B band Kepler 22b, Wind & Fire.

13. Much like us on Earth, they don’t have proof of intelligent life in the universe. Thanks a lot, Ashton Kutcher.