It's tax day today, April 18 because the usual due date of April 15 was Emancipation Day, considered a government holiday in Washington, D.C.. You’ve had three extra days to get your forms filled in and submitted to the IRS. As on the 15th, you must get them in by midnight tonight unless you've filed an extension.

Remember, the IRS motto: “We’ve Got What It Takes, To Take What You’ve Got.” Get your taxes in today.

The good news is that some companies are offering up some freebies or deals: Chili’s has $5 margaritas. Sonic ½ off cheeseburgers, MacDonald’s will give you a free small cup of coffee today. Arby’s has two Gyros sandwiches for $6, but they’ve had those at that price for weeks. Tasty, but a bit disingenuous if you ask me.

And then there’s Office Max, which is now Office Depot, offering free shredding but you need a coupon. Why would they do that? Make it free, don’t make us jump through hoops. Staples has a better deal, where they will shred up to 5lbs of documents for free.

Though it’s not a Tax Day spiff, The National Park Service is celebrating their 100th birthday with free admission. Maybe it’s time to relax in the great Wyoming wilderness. Take your snowshoes or cross country skis.

If you like free stuff and want to do a service, Kevin works a scam with review items. Just don't stare at the zit on his forehead. I said don't stare at..... too late.

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