UPDATE (6:38 p.m.):

Internet issues across the Casper area appear to be resolving. Intermittent problems may still present themselves.

Casper police have not yet provided an update as to whether 911 calls are still impacted. We will bring you that information when we have it.


Natrona County and Casper Police Department officials have confirmed a widespread internet, phone and television outage impacting area residents.

The outage could prevent 911 calls from Charter customers from reaching emergency officials.

The company is looking into the service interruption. In the meantime, Charter customers will need to find alternate means of making an emergency 911 call, according to a press release from Casper police.

Charter says the outage was likely caused by a fiber cut. The company is looking into the problem and is working on a fix, but no estimated time of repair has been provided.

The public should not make 'test' calls to the 911 line. It is for emergency use only.

Verizon customers also had trouble with cell phone and LTE service earlier in the day. Those issues seem to be improving.

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