George W Hales, Getty Images
George W Hales, Getty Images

The Wyoming Film Office is excited to welcome Kenny Chaplin for a training seminar June 21st and 22nd. Chaplin is much respected and one of the most highly sought after film industry presenters in North America. The seminar will be for those interested in being a production assistant and will take place at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming.

Over two intense days, Chaplin will provide an unmatched depth and understanding of production that is ideal for aspiring filmmakers, assistant directors, actors, writers, producers, and directors. The seminar will also feature local guest speakers and industry professionals that have taken the time and care to share their outlines with each other to make sure they provide the best, most engaging material possible without overlap. This intimate environment (the class is limited to thirty (30) attendees) is an amazing opportunity to socialize and network with other aspiring filmmakers from the community.

Topics that will be covered include pre-production, production, defining the director's team, what is expected on your first day, walkie talkie protocol and etiquette, choreographing background performers, positions in other departments, script breakdown, production paperwork, set safety and protocol, film, resume building, interviews and job search techniques.

Academy Award winner, Ben Shedd said, "Kenny Chaplin brought his film workshop to Boise, ID and we turned it into a fabulous weekend at Boise State University. In two days Kenny turned sixty-two (62) interested attendees into working qualified Production Assistants who can walk on a set prepared to as professionals."

Cynthia Collins (Founder of FILMAtlanta) said, " "Kenny Chaplin and his Film Crew Fundamentals presentation is invaluable, dynamic training, not just for Production Assistants, but for anyone interested in a career in the film industry!"

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