Jeffree Star is back home in Casper once again, after his latest jaunt back to California to film a new YouTube video. His return was perfectly timed with the birth of the second baby calf at his Casper based, Star Yak Ranch.

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The official Star Yak Ranch Facebook page posted a couple of adorable photos of the new baby yak, along with a caption that read:

Our 2nd baby yak was just born yesterday!!! 🖤 Goldie Lox calved this stunning royal bull (yes we checked this time and when we were snuggling on him, he peed on us 😂) and his name is October! What an amazing start to the fall season! 👻 His sire is a 3nd gen. golden so it’s rare for the babies to be a normal colored royal! He will of course, carry the golden gene ⭐️
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Other than the new yaks on the ranch, Star has been busy with his other business endeavors. His latest YouTube video (released Saturday, October 2nd, 2021), deals with some of his top shelf make up line being found at a clearance store. Star captioned the new video:

Hey everyone... Today it's time to address the elephant in the room... The Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Shane Dawson makeup collab has hit the Nordstrom RACK!!! How, why and when did this happen??? I go on the hunt for our products all around LA and actually find some. Let's investigate this and I also get Shane's reaction about it all. We have some bigger videos coming soon and Shane is visiting Wyoming this winter... Finally!!! Thank you for watching and listening, I appreciate it always!

Jeffree Star's Hidden Hills Mansion

Jeffree Star's Mansion in Hidden Hills California

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