Parades in Nebraska are...ahem...different. Parade goers in a small Nebraska town recently got quite a treat when they spotted a longhorn riding in a convertible.

This special livestock moment happened in the small town of Burwell. Look at this mighty big passenger that someone managed to get in a convertible.

You'd have to think this would impress the Nebraska Texas Longhorn Association.

For what it's worth, Burwell is a town of just over 1,200 residents in north central Nebraska. Wikipedia says they are the location of the Big Nebraska Rodeo held at the Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds. I'm betting my bottom dollar that this big steer has spent quite a bit of quality time at those fairgrounds over the years.

The person that came up with this idea of a longhorn in a convertible deserves some special congratulations. First, they had to actually think "I wonder what would happen if we put a longhorn in a convertible?". Second, they had to convince the longhorn to do it. Well done, Nebraska.

Nebraska is a special kind of place and this recent parade moment is just more proof of that.

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