Nebraska has some pretty cool places to visit but I'll be honest when saying that I would never have wanted to grow up in any city in that state.


Now keep in mind I have a lot of family who's from all over in Nebraska so I've spent a fair amount of time there and while not everything that I'm about to go into has happened to me personally, it has happened to someone in that state.

The top thing on my list for reasons I'm happy I grew up here is cause for fun I had plenty of options besides going out and chasing raccoons for entertainment. Yes that does (or did) happen I know that because my dad was telling me a story this weekend of him making traps to try and catch them to keep them as pets.

Another reason is tornados. Now I know that we have on occasion had a tornado here in town. We don't have nearly as many as Nebraska does. The ones we have also aren't nearly as disastrous.

Now, this last item on my list is why every time I think it would be cool for Casper to have a zoo, I immediately think back to this video that took place in Omaha Nebraska.

I will always have a good time going and visiting friends and family in Nebraska but these reasons give me enough reasons to be very thankful that I was born and raised in this wonderful town with a little bit of cowboy pride.


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