Gaming is becoming a huge industry and it's no surprise that we've got people out there who've made a pretty decent living being professional gamers. In some cases made millions with live streaming and Youtube.

So where does Wyoming rank when it comes to the best states to be a 'Profesional Gamer'? Well, I can tell you that for once, Wyoming is not on that list. Even though the average gamer who plays games like Overwatch for a living makes around $50,000 per year if they win the prize pool.

Source: WalletHub

I found myself asking why don't we rank on that list?

The simple answer is we have more important things to do with our days. You know, like a real job. Wallethub dug a little deeper into all the numbers and statistics as to how many men and women play video games on a daily basis and the numbers will blow your mind.

But if you are looking to be a pro gamer you may want to start looking at moving to California or Washington. As those are the two best places according to Wallethub. 

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