Remember in like, the 50's, when movies would come out that would show scientists meddling with something they had no business meddling with? Wise old men would warn them not to, but they would do it anyway, and then a monster would be accidentally created and would destroy the world until some good looking James-Stewart-type would figure out how to stop it? Well, on this day in 1997 we, and by we I mean Scottish scientists, cloned a sheep.

This was the first time an actual mammal was cloned and it was a big deal. I mean, if we can clone sheep what's to stop us from cloning each other? Problem is, we're probably gonna end up cloning something that turns into The Thing, and then we're in trouble. Cause Jimmy Stewart's dead and I don't trust Bradley Cooper to take up the reigns.

Basically, February 22 sealed our fate, we're all going to die, and when the 15 people left on this planet start repopulating the earth, they're gonna write books about how stupid and arrogant we all were for thinking we could play God. Thanks a lot Ian Wilmut and your fellow stupid idiot scientists.