This guy claims to have a solution to all of our national energy problems. But first, he finds it necessary to list off all the reasons why he believes that Wyoming is a bad place to live.

So now that you have watched, let's get into his master plan on how he wants to solve the energy crisis for the entire nation, and doing it all from our state. I personally don't think that you would be able to fit enough wind turbines in our state to power the whole nation.

I'm no smarty pants but it seems like you'd need at least two or three states full of turbines in order to make that happen.

Next off is the bird issue. Yes, we do SOMETIMES have the birds flying into the wind farms. But after a little while, they actually learn to stay away from them... For the most part.

There are several other things that I could pick apart about this video such as, he's from Colorado, doesn't seem to know a whole lot about our state. Just from things he's read on the internet like most people who've never been here.

Despite all of this I did actually enjoy a majority of the video. The kid has a good sense of humor.

You have to admit that they joke about Yellowstone was pretty funny. Petty, but funny.

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