You can't get there from here.

The only stretch of highway leading out of the Casper area that remained open Monday morning was WY 220, and it was only open to the junction with WY 487. WY 487 was closed entirely.

In the Casper area, 'no unnecessary travel' advisories were issued for WY 257 and WY 258 (Outer Drive). Those highways, while open, were reported to be slick with drifted snow, snowfall, reduced visibility and blowing snow.

The Casper Police Department declared a 'snow day,' meaning officers will only be responding to major crashes that involve injuries or blocked intersections.

Anyone involved in a minor crash should exchange information with the other parties and make arrangements to meet at the police department later in the week.

City of Casper offices were shut down for the day, and officials issued a 'no unnecessary travel' advisory for all City streets.

Anyone with an emergency can still call 911.

So if you don't have to go anywhere, stay put and stay safe. And no, that beer run doesn't count as 'necessary travel.'

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