The ice buckets have been kicked to the curb. A new viral campaign has male celebrities grabbing their packages to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Hugh Jackman and Ricky Gervais were among the first stars to take part in #FeelingNuts.

The X-Men series star and apparently some gym buddies posed on his Instagram account, with Jackman writing, in part, "...#feelingnuts raising awareness for testicular cancer. Nominating @ActuallyNPH [Neil Patrick Harris] @michaelstrahan @rickygervais." Jackman also posted a dramatic video, captioning it with, "#feelingnuts in slomo! Raising awareness for testicular cancer. #youknowwhoyouare."

Gervais was game, with a picture that featured him flipping off the camera, punk rock style; he in turn nominated William Shatner and Will Arnett, saying to the latter, "You might need bigger hands. Am I right?" Arnett posted his own picture back to The Officeco-creator, saying, "no..all good."