Some people collect stamps. Others collect comics or porcelain dolls. This YouTuber collects videos of toilets flushing. J-MCD VINTAGE PLUMBING has over 150 videos in Wyoming alone. There are a lot of commodes flushing, but thank goodness it is mostly clean.

Why is this man recording all these bathrooms? We don't know. Maybe he is in the vintage plumbing business. Perhaps he is a diabetic truck driver. The only insight we have is in the YouTube channel description. It reads:

Welcome to my channel which contains U.S.A. Bathroom, Sinks, Toilet and Urinals, filmed.

Everyone has to have a shtick, I guess.

As odd as it sounds, some of these bathrooms are interesting. That and the sound a flushing toilet makes me laugh. Take this video recorded at one of the UW lavatories for example. These urinals are not your run of the mill johns. Plus the fact the guy flushes every commode is comical ... or maybe a little OCD. I'm not here to judge.


But the flushing action doesn't stop there. The channel reports on historic toilets, too. He has documented the bathrooms at the War Memorial Stadium, City Hall in Rawlins, Ivingson Mansion in Laramie, the Wyoming Territory Prison, the Cheyenne Train Depot, the Wyoming Supreme Cort, the Hathaway Building, and countless hotels and highway truck stops. Hey, just like the children's book, everybody has to poop.

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