The Casper Police Department will be enforcing parking rules near the Casper Events Center during the Fireworks Festival 2016 on Monday, July 4, according to a news release.

Those going to the festival must park in designated areas only.

That means no parking along Interstate 25, along Poplar Street north of I-25, or along Events Drive and East Road near the Events Center.

The department will enforce these no parking rules to reduce traffic congestion in the area and to improve traffic flow after the fireworks.

The following traffic patterns will be in effect after the event:

  • The west exit from the Events Center grounds will ONLY exit west on Events Drive.
  • The east exits from the Events Center grounds will ONLY exit to Amoco Road by the East Road.
  • Traffic will only be allowed east on East Road.
  • No left hand turns will be permitted from East Road to Amoco Road.

The Casper Police Department reminds festival-goers to expect significant traffic in the area before and after the fireworks.

It asks drivers to exercise patience and operate vehicles appropriately and safely.

Finally, the department wishes everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July.

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