Where exactly would we be without the internet in our every day lives? I know that I'd be completely lost without google and google maps. But what about home internet? Could you live your life if tomorrow you woke up and it was all gone? How about if it was as slow as dial-up? (Ugh, right?)

I recently found an article on Highspeedinternet.com on how our internet speeds compared to the rest of the country and I've got to say I'm a little disappointed on where we landed on that list. 41st out of 50... Yeah, everyone else is getting way better speeds than we are and also have plenty of providers in their cities and states that can push higher internet to residential communities and businesses than anywhere in the cowboy state.

The only good news is that you have a 99% chance of having 3mgbts throughout all of Wyoming... Woohoo! that means you'll be able to stream an episode of The Office in roughly a day's time.

Simply put, I think that the cowboy state needs to step up its game when it comes to internet speeds.

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