The man who drove a box truck from north Casper to Garden Creek Road on Tuesday where he crashed was charged Friday with six felonies, according to court records.

Eduardo Bonilla-Bravo was going to hear the charges in Natrona County Circuit Court, but he spoke no English and needed a translator, according to a Sheriff's deputy.

Bonilla-Bravo was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and battery, each count punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment; three counts of felony property destruction, each count punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment; and one count of aggravated eluding, punishable by up to five years imprisonment.

He is being held on a $250,000 cash-only bond.

While the chase from Wilkins Circle to Garden Creek Road occurred on Tuesday, Bonilla-Bravo was hospitalized and only able to appear during preliminary hearings on Friday. He was in a wheel chair during the court hearing Friday morning.

He did not appear in Natrona County Circuit Court during initial appearances.

The case started about 5 a.m. Tuesday when the Casper Police Department received a call to help with a fire near Wilkins Circle and North Poplar Street.

Bonilla-Bravo drove of a white box truck, traveled the wrong way, struck a responding police officer in his car, fled the accident scene, and drove south on North Poplar Street while weaving through lanes and on-coming traffic.

The driver attempted to strike other vehicles including other responding police and Casper Fire-EMS Department vehicles, as well as citizen bystanders and drivers.

Most vehicles and people were able to avoid collisions with the truck.

At least one person's vehicle was struck in the area of 17th Street and South Poplar Street. It is unknown at this time if the person sustained any injuries.

Police units pursued the drive to South Poplar Street and Southwest Wyoming Boulevard.

Natrona County Sheriff’s Office then deputies joined the pursuit.

The driver continued driving south on South Poplar Street and onto Garden Creek Road.

A Casper Police officer stopped his vehicle at Garden Creek Road and South Rotary Park Road to deploy spike strips in an attempt to end the pursuit safely.

The driver struck the unoccupied police vehicle at a high rate of speed.

The box truck then left the road and crashed.

Some police officers sustained non-life threatening injuries, and one was taken to the hospital and has since been released.

This story will be updated.

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