I spoke with a representative from WYDOT. The initial speed limit change to 30 miles per hour was a simple error while they were installing new signs. It has been returned to the 35 miles per hour limit and will remain that way.

I'm not sure if the entire city of Casper is being punk'd or not, but the speed limit has magically returned to 35 miles per hour on Poplar Street between 1st Street and Collins Street.

Monday morning, we reported that we had noticed it had been lowered to 30 miles per hour sometime over the course of the last few weeks, but we were unsure of the exact date of the change.

Poplar Street, new lowered speed limit
DJ Nyke - Townsquare Media


It's worth noting that this change may not be permanent either, as the number "5" has been placed over the "0" with screws, verses changing the entire signs out on both sides of the street.

I left a message with the local Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) for some clarification on the reason for the change in the speed limits and why there wasn't any advanced notification for either change. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon.

I'd strongly suggest keeping a sharp eye on all of the local speed limits signs for the immediate future.

*This story will be updated.*

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