At first I thought I was really loosing my mind, but after consulting with several friends and co-workers, I have confirmed that the speed limit on Poplar Street, between Collins and 1st Street, has now been lowered to 30 miles per hour.

While I'm not sure when this happened, after the discussion with other local residents, we've managed to estimate the date of this change couldn't have been longer than a few weeks (meaning about the beginning of the month of August 2020).

For those that don't remember, that small stretch of road had previously been 35 mph, for as long as I can remember. For those of us that don't actively pay attention to road signs, especially the ones that we've been looking at for years, this change could potentially cause some serious dollars in speeding tickets, so be aware.

I haven't seen any police cruisers posted up in that area, just waiting to pounce on any unsuspecting motorists (thank goodness), but I figured passing along the observation surely wouldn't hurt.

It's also worth noting that the speed limit on King Blvd is now 40 mph. That was a personal slight annoyance that it was 30 mph for so long, considering that stretch is fairly low traffic. That change took place awhile ago, but again, if you don't pay attention to the road signs, this might have missed your radar.

King Boulevard

Have you noticed any other significant speed limit changes around town and the surrounding areas?

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