There have been a lot of things coming and going to the mall for the last few years and for someone who grew up here such as myself it's kind of heartbreaking to see.

In light of this situation, I've begun taking a look at what other malls around the world have done to improve traffic flow and keep people coming in the door. Keep in mind, some of these ideas are a total joke.


China has these nifty things called husband pods where women can drop their husbands off in this pod while they go around and shop their hearts out! I for one am all for this idea it's pretty much a giant gaming pod for people to use and kill time it's a win-win situation.

There is a mall in New York that has switched over from renting out spaces for shops like Macys or Sears to giving it up for the tallest rope attraction in their area. Another  Idea that I think our local mall could do easily and a fun way for some of us to spend our weekend.

Now this one I don't think we should have ever gotten rid of. It was the old glow in the dark mini golf course that was at the Eastridge mall for years. If we do anything we should bring that place back!



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