Poplar St. in Casper is a busy street that runs North/South of almost the entire city of Casper. Occasionally you will encounter a pedestrian braving their way across the busy bridges in traffic lanes. Should there be sidewalks on these bridges?

There are two bridges on Poplar St. The first is right before the intersection of 1st St./Yellowstone Hwy, the second is just after the intersection heading toward the interstate. Trying to walk across one of these bridges can be very dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. Since there is no sidewalk, the pedestrian is forced to walk in traffic. Since the pedestrian is walking in a traffic lane, the driver is then forced to move over - which is not always easy during high traffic times. This can cause congestion and possible collisions.

The easy solution for the pedestrian of course is to avoid these bridges. However, it requires a good size detour to get around.

Update: According Jeff Goetz of the Wyoming Department of Transportation, the projects to rebuild these bridges and to include sidewalks to are already planned.  "Both bridges are set for reconstruction. The bridge over the RR tracks will be reconstructed next year - and will include sidewalks. The bridge over the river is set for 2021 - and will include sidewalks."

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